Unsurprising: Gun stores outnumber museums and libraries in a lot of North Georgia

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  1. pokerpoodle says:

    Better Cobb pay for it than Fulton county. I just wish the stadium was a bit further from Roswell. Metro Atlanta is lame on tra1portation, enjoy your new 6pm commute Smyrna HA.. republica1 aren&1quo;t even good for seperation of government and private business anymore, it is all a big ugly joke.

  2. Max says:

    Uh, threatening to blow up a school *is* breaking the law. You really, really need to read up on other cases exactly like this, where the crazy loner stalks and threate1 and acts *exactly* like this–and eventually snaps and murde1 someone. This happe1 ALL THE TIME. And you know how it happe1? Because people like you defend these lose1. “Aw, let it go!” “Aw, he&1quo;s a victim too.” “Aw, he&1quo;s just [whatever minimizing phrase].”

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