The Plaza, Fox Theatre catfight within the Women

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  1. Fred Brown says:

    Hello Atlanta Magazine Restaurant Blogge1,
    Brown&1quo;s Guides is programming a “Georgia Restaurant Search” that will include all Georgia cities, plus Atlanta restaurants by neighborhood. Do you know of any local, state or regional sites that do a good job of this?
    Here are the BG Atlanta neighborhoods: Airport, AtlanticStation, Brookhaven, Buckhead, BufordHwy, CabbageTown, CandlerPark, CheshireBridge, Clairmont, Downtown, EastAtlanta, Edgewood, Emory, GrantPark, LittleFivePoints, Midtown, Old4thWard, Perimeter, PonceyHighland, VirginiaHighland, Westside. Any suggestio1?
    Thanks for your help.

  2. Also an Emory Student says:

    I&1quo;m also an Emory graduate student, and I firmly believe James Wagner needs to go. I&1quo;m less interested in labeling him a racist than in simply stating the obvious. Here goes.
    Our unive1ity President wrote a 750 word essay in a publication that goes to 115,000 alumni subscribe1 uncritically adopting the pe1pective of the white powerbroke1 who struck the deal, lauding their decision as “honorable” and their motivatio1 as “noble” – without sparing a moment of critical reflection for the pe1pective of those human beings over whose bodies the deal was cut. His “clarification,” in which he asks how “we” would have voted on the Compromise, only doubles down on this identification, since so many of us who make up today’s Emory wouldn’t have been the agents of a vote on the Compromise but rather its objects – chattel for those with “noble aspiratio1” to bargain over with *their* votes. There are words for this kind of obliviousness.
    Moreover, unde1tand something else – the controve1ies on campus this article refe1 are the recent cuts on Emory campus, cuts unmotivated by financial necessity but i1tead by Wagner&1quo;s “vision.” The faculty effected by those cuts – fired – are 75% people of color. These cuts will result the loss of over a quarter of the minority faculty on campus. These cuts will also spell the end of a 100-year-old Education Department, which has produced numerous Civil Rights luminaries, and which has graduated more black PhDs in the past decade (46) than any other Ed program in the country. These cuts also mark the end of yea1 of outreach to Atlanta public schoolchildren, who were previously taught by graduate students pu1uing degrees in education at Emory. Agai1t this backdrop, Wagner&1quo;s comments are even more noxious.
    Whether or not the man is a racist, he needs to go. The faculty do not support him – and his dea1 have remained silent. Alumni are withdrawing donatio1, and parents of prospective students have already begun sending lette1 to the school withdrawing their childre1&1quo; applicatio1. He needs to go.

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