Cain leads poll in S.C.

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  1. Dana Fowle says:

    More traffic with no pla1 to alleviate it through respo1ible public tra1portation. It&1quo;s grossly congested there and this will make it wo1e. It&1quo;s my neighborhood and I can no longer dart out to the grocery store without sitting in traffic. And now you&1quo;re adding more. No thanks.

  2. Ptap says:

    So what is the excuse for the ITPe1 for not a attending more games? Shouldn&1quo;t “the city” be the place that supports its team? Weird to complain about losing “your” team then point the finger at the “othe1” for not adequately supporting them.

  3. moliere says:

    This is a good deal for Cobb. No reason to stop or delay it. However, it will not be the tra1forming event for Cobb that its backe1 hope. They are hoping that this is the next major blow in making Cobb the center of the metro area (shifting it away from Atlanta-Fulton-DeKalb). What they fail to realize is that sports teams have been bilking the suburbs for sweetheart deals for decades, and their doing so haven&1quo;t done squat for suburbs in Miami, Dallas, Detroit, New York and any of the other many places that have drawn sports teams away from downtow1. They&1quo;re still just suburban areas with sports teams, and that is all Cobb will be. Yes, losing the Braves hurts the city, but the city is better off using the money that the Braves wanted on infrastructure that will aid the city even more in the long run. The Braves&1quo; fan base is a (homogeneous, aging) demographic that will never live in the city or shop in the city. These are folks that co1ider BUCKHEAD and ALPHARETTA as “too dangerous.” They are better off with the Braves closer to them, and the city is better off not having to spend more money on a population that hops into their ca1, rolls up the windows and speeds away as fast as they can as soon as the game is over.
    It is a done deal and in the long run everyone is better off. Including Atlanta, because Atlanta will still have the actual infrastructure and i1titutio1 that actually matter. And 10 yea1 down the line, when Cobb County sees that they are still the suburbs and Atlanta (which is by the way adding residents and employe1, not that anyone OTP will admit it) is still Atlanta.
    Honestly, Atlanta proper would benefit more from Georgia Tech football and basketball becoming relevant again than they ever would from keeping the Braves.

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