Atlanta sports fans: We certainly get it worst

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  1. Taly Salazar says:

    It&1quo;s an interesting project and I hope it succeeds. It would be great to have a pleasant pedestrian route to connect these neighborhoods, particularly with the streetcar coming, as you note.
    One thing to co1ider is that, with the Krog tunnel, there&1quo;s a pedestrian-friendly “light at the end of the tunnel” on the south side. There&1quo;s a nice&1quo;y landscaped area on the outlet of the tunnel that&1quo;s good for walking through and lingering in, and there&1quo;s Esther Peachy park right there.
    With the Boulevard tunnel, there&1quo;s not much but a grassy hill too steep to walk safely on and a narrow sidewalk along a fairly busy road. Sidewalk widening would be good in the long run in order to attract pedestria1, as would some kind of public space for lingering for a moment before steeling oneself up for the dark walk.

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