TCM sets April 10 for day-lengthy tribute to 2-time Oscar champion Bette Davis

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  1. Laura says:

    Lotta Fruitta has great sandwiches on delicious bread from the Sweet Auburn Curb Market

  2. Vojdan says:

    The comment section is as stupid as it can get. If you really think that any nation has a clear bloodline coming from Alexander, you are terribly wrong. Many natio1 and tribes have gone through the Balka1 and obviously, they had SEX with the population here. If you look at the corpses from the ancient Greece and Macedonia you will find that the people were tall and blonde. This is not the case in neither of Greece nor Macedonia. This is the same as saying that Italia1 are direct descendents from the Roman Empire (who were also tall people). However nowadays Italia1 are short. Why? Because it was invaded many many times by many tribes who ended up having sex there. End of the story.
    Stop arguing for history, it has NO POINT AT ALL. The clever politicia1 are just using it to turn you away from the real problems.

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