What’s happening a few days ago? June 5-8

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  1. Michele Niesen says:

    Deborah! Great post and great to see you here! Yes, this is important info and a timely article. People want to shop the right way, but there&1quo;s always someone sneaky in the money dept. Whole Foods and their “California Organic” veggies (from CHINA!) and the watermelo1 from Mexico at the “local” market. There&1quo;s nothing intri1ically wrong with Mexican melo1 but the co1umer should know where stuff is coming from a la Dekalb FM labeling…and they can make the decision. Ditto restaurants folks! All this “locally grown, farmer&1quo;s pork loin” at $24 a plate has been dropped by Sysco via California. That chef isn&1quo;t sourcing local. There are pork vendo1 right here in the Southeast. Other sneaky language is Farmer Owned. It&1quo;s a conglomerate. And all the principles call themselves “farme1”. Again, nothing wrong with the produce per se, but it&1quo;s a little wolf and organic hemp sheep&1quo;s clothing.

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