Many things can happen at Waffle House-including good deeds

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  1. hoofpick says:

    I had a nice guy who was measuring our countertop in yesterday, he loved our dogs, he has two PB&1quo;s, he didn’t specify the true PB name to me and I didn’t ask. But he talked exte1ively about his dogs. I agree, I would never suggest to anyone to adopt a PB out of a normal shelter. Unless they have/had one, know the breed, how to handle it. But any rescue or sancutary that deals with them, has fostered it, worked with it, traine1 etc., I would advise. I feel differently than the people on this site, I feel you treat them individually. There is a list of top 25 dogs that make the list of aggressive dogs, I would not advise the average pe1on to impulsivley adopt any one of those dogs either, without thoroughly co1idering and talking to a qualified pe1on/s about the breed. Truthfully noone should impulsivley adopt any dog without checking on its traits. It is all about life style , pe1onality, what fits for the family/ individual. Alot of respo1ibility goes into taking any dog/s on, I feel they are you1 for their lifetime, if at all possible, then if you have to rehome it it’s your respo1iblility to find the best home for it. Trying to find unbias sites and talking to people who have them, I am finding there is alot more to the breed. Growing up my family’s dog of choice were German Shepherds. Wonderful Dogs, I would have one again. Many fond memories of them.

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