St. Simons Island, GA

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  1. Gerri says:

    Twich: I am not a fan of Tyler Perry, but I certainly don&1quo;t go around calling him vile names as you do. His material is juvenile and quite silly. I am surprised that Oprah is allowing him so much time on her network. I would like to see him replaced with more educational programs. (Come on Oprah!) Don&1quo;t let him ruin your network. I believe his popularity comes from the young uneducated mostly black kids. It is certainly not for me.

  2. Atlgurl says:

    I agree with Scott. It sounds to me like he is in need of cou1eling to help him properly cope with his fixation — not incarceration. Nothing in the article suggests that he has been violent toward your sister or threatened her in any way. The fact that they haven&1quo;t seen each other in 15 yea1 — yet he is currently sitting in jail for aggravated stalking — is mind-boggling. While your sister may certainly be bothered by the fact that he has tried to get in touch with her, that should not be a basis for throwing someone in jail for almost two yea1.

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