Tom Houck, MLK’s family driver, retraces old routes with a brand new civil legal rights tour

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  1. david says:

    Yes, but our food was cold when they brought it to the table, way too quickly. They did comp my entree.

  2. Cobb Citizen says:

    VanillaDude called me a prude and a rube on an earlier post. What a guy!You are so vehemently FOR this to go through that you must state what your interests are. Do you really think Atlanta is jealous of Cobb? That is the most ridiculous thought; second only to Santa being white. You know why? Because Santa doesn&1quo;t exist! And economic prosperity only exists in Cobb for a certain few. And I&1quo;m guessing you are one of the chosen ones.Do you live in Cobb? What district are you in? Are you somebody who is afraid to go downtown to a sports event at night? Do you have reason to be afraid – have you been robbed or held up at gunpoint? Or are you just too “vanilla” to handle it.If you&1quo;re going to make such vehement statements agai1t the writer of these articles, Jim Walls, and even agai1t me – a rube and a prude?! – put your foam tomahawk down, be a man and show you1elf.

  3. Francee says:

    They also carry an assortment of Costa&1quo;s Pasta, a local pasta company.

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